Work with us

We are growing rapidly, we have new tasks and directions all the time – which means that we often need new developers.
What will you get by becoming a part of WpTeam

Interesting tasks

Many ambitious and challenging projects await you.
Yes, yes, exactly you.

Development in the profession

The Agency will partially or fully pay for the necessary training and advanced training.

Work in a circle of like-minded people

Our team consists of passionate people who are always ready to help and share their experience.
We provide opportunities for professional growth!
Working with us, you will grow as a professional! Our ambitious tasks will increase your skills and you will move to a new level! All our employees are constantly learning something new and honing their existing skills. Therefore, if you want to achieve a lot and climb up the career ladder, send your resume!
We are ready to accept interns!
The doors of our company are always open for ambitious and talented interns. We are ready to share our experience with those who love to learn new things and become better!

During the internship, we provide such conditions in which you will maximize your skills. If you are not afraid of new challenges and bold tasks, we are waiting for you!

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What do we expect from you?

When asked the question “What did you do last week?”, answer something along the lines of
“I was engaged in the layout of such and such a site” is not correct. That’s right – how many pages you made up,
whether everything planned was achieved.

Anything happens, but complaining will not change the situation for the better. Better channel your strength
to find a solution to the problem.

We take planning seriously. If you promised something, don’t let it down: deadlines
like a snowball – once you broke the deadlines, another time – your colleague,
and tomorrow we all did not hand over the project on time.

WpTeam has all the opportunities for growth, but we adhere to the principle: knowledge does not give,
knowledge is taken. The career of everyone in the team is important to us, but it depends only on you.

It’s amazing that if you share knowledge, no one gets less of it, they only
multiply. We value those who share their experience with colleagues and partners.
This is how we speak the same language together and open up new horizons.

The one who does not do anything new is not mistaken. There will be no progress without mistakes, so for them
WpTeam does not punish. You have to keep trying and you will find the right solution.

If you know how to do better, suggest it. Be brave and don’t be afraid to take the first step. We always
welcome new ideas.

We focus on business results. Look at each task from different angles and offer
more than what is expected of you.