Yves Rocher

The Yves Rocher Foundation stands for the solidary ecology necessary for the conservation of biodiversity. This fund is actively involved in the revival of the forest of our Planet. Also commits to actively protect flora and biodiversity. To this end, they provide financial and professional support to all actors in the protection of biodiversity, planting about 65 million trees.
The Yves Rocher cosmetics company, supported by the Yves Rocher Foundation, is trying to create more sustainable cosmetic products that do not harm the environment. By choosing the products of this company, we are helping to achieve the goal of 100 million trees.
https://yr.kg/ the site of this company has the functionality that every online store needs. There is everything! Cosmetic products for face, body, hair and make-up. And also you can see the ideas for the gift consisting of the goods of this company.

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